From her beginnings as a self taught bluegrass guitarist, Alia has expanded into a one woman multi-instrumentalist powerhouse. Adding piano, mandolin, dulcimer, fiddle, upright bass, ukulele, banjo, and harmonica to her repertoire,  she is a natural musician who can play practically any instrument you put in front of her.

Beginning at age 14, Alia has written all her own material, writing songs reflecting on the truth and pain of living. From the whimsical "I Never Would Have Guessed," and the introspective "I'd Lie" to the heart wrenching "Worthless," Alia's songs consistently speak to her audiences regardless of age or background.

Alia re-located to San Diego, California in August, 2015. She released her first EP, "Generalized Statements of Observable Facts", in July, 2013. 




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